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Church History

CH 501 Overview of Church History I [View Syllabus] [Register]
CH 502 Overview of Church History II [View Syllabus] [Register]
CH 505 American Church History [View Syllabus] [Register]

Missions and Evangelism

ME 504 Introduction to Missions [View Syllabus] [Register]

New Testament

NT 501 New Testament Survey I [View Syllabus] [Register]
NT 502 New Testament Survey II [View Syllabus] [Register]
NT 503 New Testament Survey III [View Syllabus] [Register]
NT 504A Introduction to Greek I [View Syllabus] [Register]
NT 504B Introduction to Greek II [View Syllabus] [Register]
NT 507 New Testament Biblical Theology [View Syllabus] [Register]
NT 508 Biblical Hermeneutics [View Syllabus] [Register]

Old Testament

OT 501 Old Testament Survey I [View Syllabus] [Register]
OT 502 Old Testament Survey II [View Syllabus] [Register]
OT 503 Old Testament Survey III [View Syllabus] [Register]
OT 504A Introduction to Hebrew I [View Syllabus] [Register]
OT 504B Introduction to Hebrew II [View Syllabus] [Register]
OT 504C Introduction to Hebrew III [View Syllabus] [Register]
OT 507 Old Testament Biblical Theology [View Syllabus] [Register]

Pastoral Theology

PT 501A Pastoral Counseling I [View Syllabus] [Register]
PT 502A Homiletics I [View Syllabus] [Register]
PT 504A Church Development I [View Syllabus] [Register]
PT 507 Worship [View Syllabus] [Register]

Religion and Society

RS 503 The Christian World View I [View Syllabus] [Register]
RS 504 The Christian World View II [View Syllabus] [Register]
RS 541 Reformed Perspectives on Christ and Culture [View Syllabus] [Register]

Systematic Theology

ST 501 Introduction to Reformed Theology [View Syllabus] [Register]
ST 502 Systematic and Historical Theology I: Revelation and Inspiration [View Syllabus] [Register]
ST 503 Systematic and Historical Theology II: God [View Syllabus] [Register]
ST 505 Systematic and Historical Theology IV: Person and Work of Christ [View Syllabus] [Register]
ST 506 Systematic and Historical Theology V: Person and Work of the Holy Spirit [View Syllabus] [Register]
ST 507 Systematic and Historic Theology VI: The Church and Last Things [View Syllabus] [Register]
ST 508 Comparative Evangelical Theologies [View Syllabus] [Register]
ST 509 Social Ethics [View Syllabus] [Register]
ST 510 History of Philosophy and Logic [View Syllabus] [Register]
ST 513 History of Apologetics [View Syllabus] [Register]