Spring 2018 Virginia

Monday, February 5, 2018 - Friday, May 18, 2018

CH 502 Overview of Church History II
Dominic Aquila, D.Min.
A survey of the history of the Christian church from the Reformation to the present, providing a timeline of major people, events, movements, and places.
NT 508 Biblical Hermeneutics
Robert Rumbaugh
An introduction to the principles of general and special hermeneutics and basic exegetical methods and tools, with an emphasis on both the theory and practice of biblical interpretation.
PT 502B Homiletics II
Douglas Kittredge, D.Min.
A study of the basic principles of communication, with emphasis on sermon preparation and delivery.
ST 502 Systematic and Historical Theology I: Revelation and Inspiration
Douglas Kittredge, D.Min.
An exposition of key biblical passages exploring the first principle of the Christian faith that God is there and He has spoken.

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