Fall 2018 Colorado

Monday, August 27, 2018 - Thursday, December 13, 2018

NT 503 New Testament Survey III
Louis Hill, D.Min.
An introduction to the latter books of the New Testament, Hebrews through Revelation, their content, theology, and history.
NT 504A Introduction to Greek I
Mark House, Ph.D.
An introduction to the basic grammar and vocabulary of New Testament Greek in preparation for using the language for studying, preaching, and teaching the New Testament. Taught in three sections, in three successive semesters.
OT 505 Old Testament Exegesis I
Mark House, Ph.D.
This course equips students in the principles of Hebrew exegesis to facilitate the use of the Hebrew language for preaching and teaching. Prerequisite: OT 504A-C.
PT 501B Pastoral Counseling II
Chris Faria, Ph.D.
A study of the biblical methods of counseling with the goal of developing of a biblical philosophy of counseling. The “B” section will develop the basic principles as they relate to specific areas of counseling such as marriage and family issues.
ST 502 Systematic and Historical Theology I: Revelation and Inspiration
J. P. Mosley
The course examines the basic doctrines of revelation and inspiration of Scripture, and the canons of grammatico-historical and theological exegesis.

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